To inspire and guide the next generation of creators and innovators, and to unleash their potential.

Does your child like construction toys?

Are they interested in learning programming languages?

Our robotics and coding courses are perfect for kids with a curiosity for technology-based creation. Join our classes and kickstart the journey of your child towards advantageous success.

About STEM Kids

Based in Adelaide, STEM Kids is a robotic and coding club that provides children ages 6+ opportunities to learn robotics and programming in meaningful, new ways.

STEM Kids classes are run with a fun, student-centred approach in small groups.

Our goal is to help children develop and sharpen their critical and creative thinking while advancing their problem solving skills.

What do we offer?


Our robotics course is fun and interactive, aimed at students above 8 years of age. They will learn to build a variety of robots using lego sets and other mechanical components. Additionally, they will also learn the programming for lego robots.


As a comprehensive extension to the coding in our robotics course, we also offer a course specifically for learning the core programming languages. Our classes are perfect for students with any degree of knowledge in programming, from beginner to advanced. Please visit the coding page for more details on the programming languages included in the course.

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