What We Offer

STEM Kids offers a range of robotics and coding classes. Depending on the class that children choose, they will learn to write code, use creative thinking with problem solving, math and logic. 

We run regular classes during school term on Wednesdays and Fridays 4pm- 5:30pm at Burnside Library, and Saturdays at Marden Senior College 1:30pm-3:00pm.  Choose from:



The LEGO® bricks and WeDo is a robotic hardware and software platform designed for children to firstly build a model. They are able to click-and-drag icons on a tablet/ computer  that activates a motor to make the model move in logical and sequential ways.



Scratch is a blocked-based visual programming language and online community. By using this relatively easy and fun to learn programming language, children are not only able to create games, but also animation, text, stories, music, and more. In addition, the skills learned by children can be applied to other programming languages like Python and Java.



Python is a powerful, text-based computer programming language used in games, web and app development. Learning Python is a great jumping point for mastering other programming languages.



Arduino is more advanced and is designed for children that are older who might be interested in robotics. It is nothing but electronic brain which can be programmed using c++ programming language. It also controls the behaviour of different electrical sensors.


Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a single board computer that can be used for projects in robotics,IOT based application and real time video processing.

For more detail of what we offer, please refer to our Robotics & Coding Curriculum.

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